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[Suggestions] – New Premium Items!

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[Suggestions] – New Premium Items!

Post  William Shakespeare on Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:22 am

Hello everyone!
As you saw back in the past months, the Regnum Online gameplay experience has been totally revamped and renewed.

We’ve uploaded staged balance updates; revamped Forts, Castles, Bridges and Realm Walls; tried out new kinds of Events; presented new mounts; introduced Achievements; and a lot more…!

But now it’s time to -with your invaluable help- think about and discuss new stuff for the Premium Store!

Just to let you guys know, we’re totally aware that in the past you’ve suggested a lot of awesome, and surprising ideas, so what we want to do now is gather every possible suggestion and idea in this one single thread.

In order to do this, here you will find examples of how to post your suggestions so we can have an “easy-to-read” thread in a way that everyone can get their ideas read, and even complimented!


Armor Enhancement Removal Tool
-Allows the removal of any Armor Enhancement previously installed on a piece of equipment.
-Using the item opens the Armor Enhancement Removal window. To successfully remove the enhancement, drag the piece of equipment you wish to modify from your inventory, and press the Accept button.
-The piece of equipment and the Enhancement will be moved back to your inventory.
-To cancel the removal, press the Cancel button.

Compatible Race-Change Scroll
-Allows to switch your character’s race to other compatible to your subclass.
-Using the item opens a select menu, letting select the new appearance of the character.
-The Scroll will be only used once.
-To cancel the Race-Change, press the Cancel button.

Realm Cape
-Adquires a Realm Cape with your Realm logo and colors.

Black Cape
-Adquires a plain cape, customizable with paint items.

Alchemist Manual
-Allows combining 2 minor/major gems with the same effect to obtain a major/great gem, respectively.
-Using the item opens the Alchemist Manual window.
-Drag two identical gems from the inventory to the window.
-Press the Accept button to get the new gem with its new capabilities in your inventory.
-To cancel, press the Cancel button.

Let me state clear that these examples DO NOT intend to show items that are going to be efectively produced. These are just examples of how to post your suggestions!

And that’s it! Start thinking about any item you would like to get and think others would like!

How more souls, how more joy
William Shakespeare

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Re: [Suggestions] – New Premium Items!

Post  Tjan on Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:42 am

Sweet, now I can buy Ximerin ^^

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Re: [Suggestions] – New Premium Items!

Post  Gizz on Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:39 am

finally the cape's will come back

W r o n g, read -> It says: Examples

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Re: [Suggestions] – New Premium Items!

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